Fractured Veil – Privacy Policy

Here’s our no kakae privacy policy.

1. “Here’s how Privacy Policies really work: We’re going to say some nice things, but if we are somehow not in charge anymore (our parachutes don’t open, we ski into a tree, get hit by a bus), this stuff might change in ways that is unpredictable. Sorry if that happens.”

2.This privacy policy can and will likely change over the course of time. If for no other reason than the amount of legally required weird crap is likely to change over time. We’ll do our best to keep you updated when it changes, by blog posts, emailing you, via messages in your dashboard, phxiterm or something.

3. We are not spammers, we aren’t gonna sell your email address to anyone, but honestly, all bets are probably off if we all die in a horrible crash (see 1). Again, sorry.

4. Look, we don’t like it, but if the law says we have to, we’re gonna turn over your info to folks. We’re not going to jail over a video game.

5. We use the authentication systems and sublibraries presented by vendors like Google, Facebook, Twitch and others, and *they* have their own privacy policies that subsume ours. Similarly, we host the game logic, servers, databases and the rest on Google’s Cloud. You should familiarize yourself with their pass through policies if you are a privacy policy completionist. We do not link to these here because those urls change often enough that you should just Google them.

If you have questions email and we’ll chit chat about the privacy and the things.