Paddle Creek Games

Founded by shadowy figures in the dead of night, PCG was started because the founders couldn’t not do games anymore. After a 12 year hiatus from the world of writing games, you see, San emailed Chris and said ‘delete this message if you can’t stand the idea of games again’ but Chris didn’t and so here we are.

No seriously, that’s how PCG came to develop Fractured Veil, a passion project set 100 years in the future on Maui. We may even open it up to others to play it when it isn’t terrible …which should be soon, (depending on the fracture you’re reading this on.)

Fractured Veil

Fractured Veil is a game set on earth, on beautiful Maui, 100 years from now, after a globe and dimension spanning catastrophe left the world in some deep, deep trouble.

More will be revealed! Follow our updates here, or on twitch or other social mediums (when we get around to doing more of that. We’re pretty heads down on the game right now)

In the meantime, go play something fun like … Parcheesi! Or maybe go listen to a Juice Newton record. She’s the Queen of Hearts, you know.

PCG Team

    • San Mehat
    • Chief Technical Turkey
    • Literally a turkey, with wings and everything. They end in little claws that type type type until interrupted by all these other “people” with their arms and fingers and compiler errors. Likes games. Writes games. In charge of the game.
    • Chris DiBona
    • Some Guy, You Know.
    • Chris DiBona is a person. A human person. He is in no way some weird alien visitor to this planet. I assure you that this is not the case.
  • Ryan Wiancko
    • Project Director
    • Knows stuff about stuff, does things and hangs out with cool people.